Support & Training

On-site support

ASSPL project team provides onsite support at client location during the entire duration of ERP implementation. ASSPL supports all their outstation clients by deputing his managers / executives at their locations for real time solutions.

ASSPL project team acts as a conduit in integrating various functions at the client location by guiding and co-ordinating between various functions and ensuring smooth transition to ERP platform.

On line support

ASSPL provides online support to all its customers during Warranty period and beyond (vide AMC) by connecting to its customers through I.P address connectivity. This enables the customers to enjoy quick service, thereby reducing down time.

ASSPL handles new requirements and challenges (new reports and functions) of his customer through this platform and despatches executables to the customer in on line mode. This helps them to get their needs and other challenges addressed in shortest duration.


ASSPL provides user friendly training to customer personnel during ERP implementation towards using ERP as a tool to accomplish their assigned tasks.

ASSPL also trains customer personnel in the areas of their functionality in terms of bench marking the best industry practices in their profession.

ASSPL trains customer ISD (Information System Department) in managing the ERP system, security aspects, data backup, pass word control and management reporting.