ACE Profit ERP Vertical – Tannery

ACE-Profit-Logo-Final-ACE Profit – ERP for Tannery industry, is targeted at vertically integrated units that manage – in Tannery – Raw, Wet Blue, Tanning, Finished Tannery, Shoe Uppers, Full Shoe, Leather Garments and Tannery Gloves etc.,

ACE Profit – TANNERY ERP provides a single unified platform to :

  • Manage multi-tier enterprises using its unique “Business Structure” functionality.
  • Visual Dashboard to manage Production Plans with real-time integration with inventory and production lines.
  • Minimal data entry for Recipe creation (Tannery), Bill of Material (Tannery Products) and Process Flow creation.
  • Manage on-demand production re-scheduling across internal and external production lines.
  • Manage purchase budgets and performance targets based on costs used for customer quotations, so that companies stay Profitable.
  • Flexible information structure for scaling-up or scaling-down the system requirements.
  •  Run your business based on rules.


Company Master

Common Operations Units

User Master

User Rights

Password Control


Multi Company / Branch


Complete Security

Export to Excel

New Buisness Development

  • Sales (Bought Out)
  • Sales Enquiry
  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Job work
  • Job Work Enquiry
  • Job Work Quote
  • Job Work Order

Product Realisation

Recipe Creation

Recipe Change Management

Recipe Costing

Tanning Process Costing


Production Planning

Work Order Generation

Work Order Closing

Machine Loading

Man Power Allocation

Material Allocation

Leather Assortment

Production Out Put


Equipment Breakdown

Preventive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Generator Operation

Inventory Management


Safety Stock

Inter Warehouse Stock Movement

Stock Conversion & Correction

Inventory Analysis

Purchase Management

Vendor Development

Supplier Evaluation

Request For Purchase

Purchase Enquiry

Purchase Quotation

Comparative Statement

Purchase Order


Material Plan

Material Requirement Planning

Auto Schedule

Purchase Schedule

Purchase Value

Bill Booking


Sales Tax

Cen Vat Credit

Purchase MIS

Receiving Stores

System Gate Entry

Incoming Material Physical Verification

Incoming Leather Assortment

Incoming Material Storage

Material Issue To Further Process (WIP)

Unused Material Receipt From Process (WIP)

Financial Accounting System

Complete Bookkeeping

Flexible Classification of Account Heads

User Define Vouchers

Drill Down Display

Flexible Voucher Numbering

Date Based Reporting

Unified Ledgers

Cash Flow & Fund Flow

Ratio Analysis

Payment Performance of Debtors

Unlimited Cost & Profit Centers

Memo Vouchers (screenshot….)

Post Dated Vouchers