About Manufacturing Industry in India & Automation

In this globally competitive time frame, India is digitally transforming and becoming a preferred Manufacturing hub. The factory automation market in India has been the fastest emerging segment in the Industrial Automation Industry .The innovative automation systems are largely being set up in all the major industries like Automotive, Aerospace & Chemical Industries.

Why Robots are prepared over humans

Rising raw material and labors costs, stiff prices, quality concerns, skilled worker shortages, worker safety issues, and limited resources that hinder growth and profitability are the common problems faced by the MSME’s. To overcome these challenges engaging ROBOTS will be one highly best solution.

i + Robot

ACE Software solutions Pvt Ltd introduces i+ the Smart, Fast and Versatile synergetic pick & place Robot, which can be integrated in any production domain for Effective, Efficient & Consistent performance.

Why i + Robots

Truly a MSME ROBOT, focusses on the utility and effective deliverables and without any non-value aspects there by making the product affordable to MSME’s.

• To reduce the quality related issues.
• Production failure by human handling.
• Obtaining a consistent production output.
• Simplified solution with no value added operations.

Key Features

• High Speed and accuracy
• Payload of 1.5Kg
• 6 – Axis dexterity
• Component pick and place, assembly or any repetitive action under our specified payload.
• Light weight in 30Kg segment
• Best- in –class safety design

Technical Specifications

  • Technical Specifications

  • Name
  • Degrees of freedom
  • Maximum reach (mm)
  • Maximum payload at the wrist (kg )
  • Repeatability (mm)
  • Total equipment weight(kg)
  • Easy to move system
  • System ready grippers
  • System ready pneumatic ports
  • Technical Specifications

  • 6 Axis pick & place robotName
  • 6 degrees of freedomDegrees of freedom
  • 1000 mmMaximum reach (mm)
  • 1.5 kgMaximum payload at the wrist (kg )
  • + 0.8/-0.8Repeatability (mm)
  • 25 kgTotal equipment weight(kg)
  • Wheel based locationEasy to move system
  • 2 MZ15 gripperSystem ready grippers
  • 4 pneumatic ports Customer BenefitsSystem ready pneumatic ports

Customer Benefits

• Direct cost reduction on manpower
• Reduction in rejection caused by unskilled labour
• Flexible integration into any type of production environment
• Easier to install
• Lower Investment
• Shorter Return on Investment
• Improve overall productivity

How it will be useful for MSME’s company?

Presently MSME’s feel that engaging ROBOTS as a part of automation process at their factories are highly expensive and only a bigger or larger players could afford and are ready with the necessary infrastructure for the same. Under this circumstances, i +, a Smart, Fast and Versatile synergetic pick & place Robot will be highly Effective & Efficient with Consistent performance. Further it will help in increased production output, helps to minimize quality related issues and reduces the cost of manpower.

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