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ASSPL’s ACE Profit Payroll On Cloud is an unique solution that is designed for organizations of all sizes. It will help you to simplify your entire payroll process and manage it efficiently without any additional investment on hardware or software infrastructure.

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At ASSPL we believe in making simpler and user friendly solutions. ACE Profit Payroll On Cloud has been developed keeping in mind this view, hence the Payroll / Salary Process, Attendance, etc can be done with just few clicks.

You can access the ACE Profit Payroll On Cloud software via desktop or laptop from anywhere, anytime.

Best in class data security and confidentiality

Your employees rely on you to keep their data private and secure. ASSPL’s ACE Profit Payroll On Cloud uses leading, industry-recognized cloud platform and security safeguards to help protect your company and employee information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or tampering.


• 100 % Adherence to Statutory Compliance.
• Reliable Quality Information.
• Integrated and Convenient Access to Information.
• No Duplication of Work.
• No Excess or Less Payments.
• Saves Time.
• Saves Manpower & Cost Involved.
• Employee Grievance Related to Payroll Reduced

Automate your entire payroll process

You can automate your entire payroll process – From configuring your company’s specific payroll needs to processing your employees’ actual payroll, all in just a few clicks. ASSPL’s ACE Profit Payroll On Cloud automatically computes deductions such as statutory deductions (PF/PT/ESI), loan, revisions, loss of pay, pro-rata salary, just to name a few.

Configure master data for your payroll process

The master data required for payroll processing is customizable enough to be configured based on wide variety of parameters – Payment periods, employee groups, leave groups, approval settings and various other configurations. The process of setting up the master data helps to configure and completely automate any organizations payroll needs.

list of Modules

Time Office

  • Time Entry
  • Gate Pass / Permission

Shift Management

  • Shift Grouping
  • Shift Change Note Entry

Salary Process

  • Miscellaneous – Simple
  • Miscellaneous – Extended
  • Payroll Process

Leave Details

  • Leave Absent
  • Compensation Off

Employee Separation

  • Resignation Entry
  • Resignation Acceptance
  • Clearance Form Preparation
  • Department wise Clearance
  • Resignation – Final Approval

Employee Advance

  • Suspension Entry
  • Suspension – Approval
  • Suspension – Final Approval

PF Document

  • PF Upload Document
  • PF Downloaded Document

ESI Document

  • ESI Upload Document
  • ESI Downloaded Document

Bank Loan

  • Loan Entry
  • Loan Deduction
  • Loan Payment To Bank


  • Statutory Bonus Process

Company Info

  • Company Master
  • User Master
  • User Rights
  • Country / City Master

Basic Info

  • Base Master
  • Cadre Grouping
  • Advance Eligibility Criteria
  • Employee Master

Formula Info

  • Expression Grouping
  • Expression Builder
  • Formula Tester & Status

Holiday Info

  • Holiday Master
  • Weekly Holiday Master
  • Exception Holiday Master

Leave Info

  • Leave Type Master
  • Leave Master
  • Leave Opening Balance

Shift / OT Info

  • Shift Master
  • OT Parameter
  • OT Exception

Salary Info

  • Salary Master
  • Common Salary Master
  • Salary Process Period

ESI & PF Info

  • ESI & PF Limit
  • ESI Grouping
  • PF Grouping

Professional Tax Info

  • Professional Tax Range
  • Professional Tax Period

Bonus Info

  • Bonus Master