ACE Stand Alone – Payroll


To have complete control over your payroll process and sensitive payroll data ASSPL’s ACE Profit standalone Payroll enables you to produce accurate, timely payroll in-house and gives you the flexibility to meet the needs of your organization. Simplify your payroll processing with selection lists and anytime check processing.

The advantages of in-house payroll processing are the tight integration with ACE Profit – standalone Payroll and the comprehensive reporting, the last-minute changes and the comforting assurance that you are in total control.

Pay Structure

  • User Defined Pay Roll Formulas
  • Pay Slab
  • Pay Scale

Shift Management

  • Shift Grouping
  • Shift Change Note

Company Holiday

  • Holidays

Weekly Holidays

Exceptional Working Day

Time Office

  • Swipe Process

Swipe Process

Swiping Vs. Process Data

Attendance Swiping

  • Time Entry

Time Entry Report

Muster Roll

Gate Pass / Permission


  • Training Request
  • Training Program
  • Training Schedule
  • Training Card
  • Employee Attendance (Training)
  • Training Completion
  • Training Schedule Vs. Actual
  • Training Evaluation
  • Training Feedback By Employee
  • Training Certificate

Overtime Structure

  • OT Parameter
  • OT Exception
  • OT Register
  • OT Slip

Employee Leave Details

  • Leave Details
  • Compensation Off

Employee Advance

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Advance Request
  • Advance Issue
  • Advance Short Close
  • Advance Cancel
  • Employee Advance

Salary Process

  • Common Salary Details
  • Salary Details
  • Salary Process Period
  • Payroll Process


  • Process


  • Employee State Insurance (ESI)

Monthly Reports

  • Form 10
  • Form 5
  • ESI Abstract
  • ESI Statement

Yearly Reports

  • ESI Form 5
  • ESI Form 6
  • ESI Forms
  • Provident Fund (PF)

Monthly Return

PF Statement

PF Remittance

Chelan Entry

Cheque Preparation


Endorsed Challan Filing

Annual Return

PF Report

  • Form – 3A
  • Form – 6A

Online Print Details

ERP Print Details

Online ERP Data Comparison

ERP Data Correction

PF Covering Letter

PF Form Submission

PF Acknowledgement


  • Tax Deducted At Source (TDS)

TDS Calculation

Income Tax

Planning Document Preparation

Planning Document – Blank Form

Employee Saving Detection

  • Professional Tax (PT)

PT Statement

PT Remittance

Half Yearly Report


  • Insurance Policy Grouping
  • Insurance Master
  • Insurance Payment Preparation
  • Payment To Insurance Company
  • Insurance Deduction

Bank Loan

  • Loan Request
  • Loan Deduction
  • Loan Payment To Bank


  • Yearly Bonus Process


  • KRA
  • KRA Review Schedule
  • KRA Review & Recommendation

Employee Separation

  • Resignation
  • Suspension
  • Termination
  • Final Settlement
  • Employee Relieved
  • Final Approval